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Are You a Good Fit for a Dental Assistant Job?

Australia-Employment December 16, 2021

Dental assistant jobs are plentiful throughout the area. The job positions involve tasks such as scheduling appointments, taking X-rays, and discussing patients' options with them. You might be a perfect fit for such a position if you have the following qualities:

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Best Side Gigs for Single Parents

Australia-Employment November 17, 2021

Being a single parent is tough. Trying to find work that fits in with your parenting schedule can be really tough. Luckily, there are a lot of side gigs that work really well for single parents. Keep reading to learn more.

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Is a Call Centre Customer Service Job Right for You?

Australia-Employment October 18, 2021

You might be considering working at a call centre for your next employment adventure. Call centres usually offer full-time work and an array of valuable benefits. However, you may be unclear whether a call centre job is right for you. You should consider whether you have the following qualities before you accept a position at such a location:

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Elderly Social Work - Is It Right for You?

Australia-Employment September 22, 2021

You'll need to think about your traits and the tasks involved in elderly social work to know if it's right for you. Here is some information about the job and the type of skills and personality you need if you want to be this type of social worker.

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Your Rights in Australia if You Have a Disability

Australia-Employment August 17, 2021

The Australian Human Rights Commission protects individuals who have disabilities. Such people have protection in all areas of their lives, including the job. The following is some information about disabilities and what you can do if you believe an employer is being unfair to you because of your condition:

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