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Best Side Gigs for Single Parents

Australia-Employment November 17, 2021

Being a single parent is tough. Trying to find work that fits in with your parenting schedule can be really tough. Luckily, there are a lot of side gigs that work really well for single parents. Keep reading to learn more.

Content Writing

If you have great writing and grammar skills, you can make money right from the comfort of your home. Content writing services provide businesses with marketing content. This material is then used to sell products or services online. Most content writers are independent contractors who work for content creation platforms. You can apply to these platforms by filling out an application, taking a grammar test, and submitting a writing sample. Content writers can make from $10-$40 an hour.

Customer Service Reps

Many companies are switching their customer services over to remote workers who can complete their work tasks from home. These companies usually offer full or part-time positions and will provide training. This is a great work opportunity for single parents as you can work from home and still be available for your children.

Delivery Services

If you need a lot of flexibility in your work schedule, delivery services could be the gig you are looking for. Delivery services often operate through an app. Workers can log in to the app and pick up shifts that work for them. This is a great option if your schedule is often changing because of parenting obligations. You will have the flexibility to change your work schedule as you need to.

Single parents often have to find creative ways to earn money and manage time. These employment opportunities could help make single parenting work for you.