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College Seniors Should Be Doing These 3 Things

Australia-Employment May 21, 2021

If your college years are winding down that means career planning is about to kick into high gear. During your senior year, there are several things you can do to help yourself as you embark on your real-world career path. Keep reading to learn 3 important things you should be doing right now.

Pay Attention To Social Media

You may think you pay plenty of attention to social media, but when it is time to get your first real job you are going to want to clean up your social media profiles or perhaps even create entirely new ones. Some employers or hiring managers will check out candidates on social media. If your profiles are open, the content that is seen there should be an asset to your career, not a liability. If all of your profiles are private, this might also be a red flag. Most people opt for simply cleaning up their social media or creating profiles which are career friendly.

Use Career Services

You may have spent your entire college career avoiding career services, but now is the time to get to know these folks. Career services actually can help you make important connections. Not only that, but career services will have access to important information concerning the industry you are interested in. Career services are often in close contact with local employers for the express purpose of helping place graduates in professions.

Complete An Internship

If you haven't already, now is the time to complete an internship. An internship can be an invaluable asset to your future resume and career options. The internship is often the only way to get experience in certain professions. If you have been putting off this important career step, talk with career services about available internships which would be appropriate for you.