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Current In-Demand Jobs in Australia

Australia-Employment July 11, 2022

The Australian job market is on fire right now with different job opportunities. These are some options you have if you're currently seeking work.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are individuals who help businesses with their growth. If you're in this position, you may be tasked with consulting with managers about marketing strategies or thinking of innovative ways to present the company's products and services. You may also be in charge of performing marketing research to analyze how competitors behave and succeed in the field. Marketing managers earn approximately 163,000 AUD. However, you will need to have some experience in marketing or a business degree to obtain a position.

Aged Care Worker

An aged care worker is a person who loves to help older people improve their quality of life. You'll enjoy this job if you're a people person, and you have an empathic and compassionate soul. Your task may involve administering medication, helping with daily living tasks, or being a friend to someone who has no family by his or her side. You can earn about AU$23.89 an hour doing the job. Thus, it's quite fruitful and rewarding if you can find an entranceway into the field. Fortunately, many job openings are available at this time.

Disability Support Worker

Disability support workers have the sole purpose of helping people with disabilities. These individuals spend most of their time as companions to people with limitations and may also offer hygienic support or medication assistance. However, their main objective is to ensure that disabled individuals live as normal a life as possible. You can expect to earn approximately AU$28.25 in this position.

Consider some of the jobs mentioned above and prepare your CV for potential employers. You might find that you grab hold of an amazing opportunity in less time than you imagined.