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How To Bounce Back From an Embarrassing Interview

Australia-Employment September 8, 2022

Have you ever done so poorly in an interview that you wish you could do it over? You're not the only one in the world who has experienced that. It's happened to many people worldwide, and they all had to bounce back respectfully and move on. These are some ways you can bounce back from an embarrassing interview, too.

Learn from it

Reflection is your best friend at a time like this. Unfortunately, you only have one chance to impress an interviewer for each job, but you can still learn a lot from the experience. Take some time to reflect on what went wrong and strategize about what you can do better next time. Did you fail to research the company? Were you put off by the interview style? Did your nerves get the best of you? Once you can verbalize what went wrong, you can come up with the perfect solution to combat it in the future.

Research and practice interviewing

Employers use varied interview styles, and new formats are emerging daily. That means you have to stay in the loop and learn about the various styles to avoid getting caught off guard. The more styles you learn, the better you can prepare yourself for when the first question falls on your ears.

Go on additional interviews

Never let one embarrassing interview stop you from continuing your search. You won't quit walking just because you once tripped and fell on the floor. Therefore, you should treat job interviews the same way. Next time, you'll be more careful and watch for pitfalls. You'll improve your preparation methods, gain more experience and education, and practice many interviews with your friends and family members.

Uncomfortable situations sometimes motivate people to improve. Use this experience as your motivator, and start preparing yourself to master your next interview.