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How to Turn Gaps in Your Resume into a Selling Point

Australia-Employment August 24, 2020

When you work on a resume one thing you will eventually find are gaps. Most people have experienced some gaps in employment during their work life. On a resume, these gaps can be red flags and have future employers asking, "What is the deal here?" If you are concerned about glaring gaps in your resume, keep reading to find out how to turn those gaps into the selling point.

Consider Carefully

Often people consider a gap on the resume any time period in which they were not working professionally. However, in reality, a gap on a resume is simply where you have failed to document what you were doing. Even if you were not gainfully employed, you were doing something. Consider carefully how you spent that time while you were unemployed, and figure out how you can describe that time period to turn it into something marketable. Did you do any volunteer work during that time? Did you continue your education? Did you work on any certifications? Always be perfectly honest on your resume, but if you spent any of that unemployed time doing something worthwhile, document it.

Worthy Unemployment

Every day of unemployment is not necessarily a waste of time. Many employers understand that people leave the workforce for extended amounts of time in order to do worthy things. Did you raise a family? Did you go back to school? Did you help care for a sick loved one? Did you use the time to travel? These are all noteworthy ways to spend your time when not working. Do not hesitate to share the reason you were unemployed during the gap if it was a worthy cause. This often will say much about your character and can actually help you in the hiring process.

Gaps in a resume can be tricky. Use these tips to help downplay the negative effects of gaps.