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Is The Two-Week Notice a Big Deal?

Australia-Employment April 22, 2021

In a word, yes. The two-week notice is definitely a big deal. If you are not familiar with this term, or you want to learn more about the two-week notice, keep reading.

What Is The Two-Week Notice?

The two-week notice is the most professional way in which you can quit a job. The two-week notice consists of a written business letter addressed to your superior. In this letter, you will clearly outline why you are leaving this job. This letter should be written with a cool, professional attitude. This is not an opportunity to rant at your boss, but rather an opportunity to calmly and professionally tell them why you will no longer be employed with them. The two-week notice should be personally delivered to your boss which means you will also need to have a face-to-face conversation concerning your reasons outlined in the letter.

Why Is The Two-Week Notice A Big Deal?

Some companies will have their own protocol for the appropriate way to leave a position. However, if your company does not have such protocol then putting in the two-week notice is the best way to leave. This two-week notice gives you the chance to voice your reasons for leaving, and it is also a courtesy to your employer. Two weeks gives your employer an opportunity to start looking for someone to fill your role. Even if you feel that your employer does not deserve this courtesy it is still the best way to quit.

Many people leave their jobs in the middle of an emotional event. Even if the emotions you are feeling are valid, it is always best to leave after you have calmed down, and you can professionally give your employer a two-week notice.