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Jobs That Are Steadily Hiring During the Pandemic

Australia-Employment July 21, 2020

The pandemic has brought forth a lot of unemployment. At the same time, it has opened up possibilities in certain establishments that would otherwise not be as abundant. The following are some companies that are always hiring now that the pandemic has begun. 

Shipping Companies

Shipping companies can't seem to keep enough employees in their warehouses to handle the workload during these challenging times. You can take advantage of that by applying for a job as a package handler or sorter. They offer amazing benefits, stable employment, and an opportunity to advance. 

Grocery Stores and Restaurants

Most grocery stores and restaurants are in the same position as the shipping companies. A lot of employees are calling out and not wanting to come to work during this time. A job at one of these establishments might be good for you if you're fearless about the pandemic, or you're willing to take the necessary precautions at work that will prevent you from contracting an illness. You can virtually take your pick of any grocery chain or restaurant. They all need workers. 

Health Facilities

You can also apply as a receptionist, secretary, or assistant at a vast assortment of health facilities. Many of those jobs do not require you to have any special licensing. 

The good part about applying for a job right now is that a lot of them are offering hazard pay to all the workers who have to keep coming in during the pandemic. Therefore, you might be able to earn an additional $2 an hour on top of the rate that you would typically get. The difference could change a reasonable pay rate to an amazing pay rate for you. 

You may find that you qualify to apply for one or several of the positions mentioned above. In no way is this list of positions an exhaustive one, but it will give you an idea of where you can start if you're looking for a job during the pandemic.