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Staying Indispensable During the Pandemic

Australia-Employment April 23, 2020

Many people have been laid off or otherwise displaced from their jobs because of the current pandemic. This has happened to them because some of their jobs have been deemed as non-essential. If you are currently worried about holding your position through these uncertain times, you can use the following tips to stay "essential" or indispensable in your employer's eyes.

Help With Cleaning or Restocking

Most employers need people to help with cleaning tasks and restocking tasks at this time. There may even be other tasks available for you to perform. Talk to your supervisor and see if there's anything that you can do so that they can keep you on the payroll. 

Offer to Temporarily Change Positions 

Your employer might see you as an essential worker if you have talents in other areas. For example, you may work at a department store that has some essential and non-essential positions. You may be able to stay at your job if you can successfully work in a department that they deem is essential.

Work From Home

A lot of workers are also switching to conducting work-from-home activities. It's an idea for you if your main job is one that you can do from a computer at home. Ask your employer what you have to do to be switched to a temporary work-from-home position. You may be able to keep your same pay rate and stay safe at the same time. 

Those are just a few ideas if you still want to put some hours in at your job. Your employer may be able to work with you if you're willing to compromise. Communication is the key. Make sure you talk to your boss about all available options.