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Top 3 Jobs for Foodies

Australia-Employment February 22, 2021

They say if you love your job you'll never work a day in your life. Well, if you love food, there are countless occupations that allow you to indulge your love while earning an income. Keep reading to learn about 3 great career opportunities for foodies.

Cake Decorator

Are you the guy or gal everyone calls for a cool birthday cake? Do people hit you up around the holidays for those special baked treats which you alone create? If baking up tasty treats is your specialty, a job as a cake decorator might be perfect for you. If you think you need years of training at culinary school, think again. Many bakeries are willing to bring on exceptionally talented bakers and decorators who have had no formal training. Keeping a photo portfolio of your creations is a great way to earn credibility when applying for these positions.


Often when we think of food careers we think of chefs, but what about the food prep professionals like butchers. Top-notch food establishments don't get their meet from the corner grocery store, but rather they seek out prime cuts of meat that have been expertly butchered. You can learn about butchering from classes offered in some culinary schools, or you can request to be apprenticed by an expert butcher. Find local butcher shops and inquire if they are looking for help or are willing to apprentice you.

Personal Chef

If working in a high-stress foodservice environment is not your idea of a dream job, but you do want to cook for a living, why not consider offering your services as a private chef? You can find job listings for private chefs on most job listing services. In many cases, clients are more interested in your results than they are in your credentials.

If you love food, these are just a few great job opportunities available for you.