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Top 3 Side Hustles to Work During Lock Down

Australia-Employment May 21, 2020

If COVID-19 has you stuck at home, don't classify yourself as unemployed just yet. Side hustles, which were already gaining in popularity, are becoming a powerful earning tool right now. These jobs do not require a long term commitment or extensive training. You can start quickly and quit when you want to and best of all most of these are considered essential. Here are the top 3 side hustles you can work during the lockdown. 

Delivery Service

Never has delivery service been more essential than right now. As governments and local municipalities lay down the rules about travel and interaction, people are being forced to stay home. They still need things and that's where delivery service comes to the rescue. Everything from essential items, to groceries, to take out, delivery service people have become an absolute necessity. The great thing about this side hustle is that most companies are hiring independent contractors to help with the increased demand for delivery service. You can start work quickly, customize your own hours, and quit when you want to. Check out services such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Amazon Flex. 

Online Content Development

With the entire world shifting work, education, and hobbies to online platforms, online content is at a premium. Websites are in desperate need of staff who can keep their content fresh and up to date. Enter the content developer. Content developers or content writers are independent contractors who provide written material, often of a marketing nature, to clients for use on their websites and social media platforms. This content is used to sell products/services or to drive traffic to the site. Getting started in content development is often easy and there are many platforms available that hire developers and provide clients. This is a 100% work from home job and in most cases, you choose when you work and how much you work. 

Teaching Online

There is nothing much to do, so any skill you have may be very appreciated by others. Do you know karate, knitting, painting, music? You could probably get really random right now and still find an audience for your classes. With as little as a Zoom account and PayPal, you can start making money by teaching your skills to other bored people during the quarantine. 

Remember unemployed is a very subjective term these days with so many sides hustles available. Do some digging to find more side hustles you can work during the lockdown.