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Your Rights in Australia if You Have a Disability

Australia-Employment August 17, 2021

The Australian Human Rights Commission protects individuals who have disabilities. Such people have protection in all areas of their lives, including the job. The following is some information about disabilities and what you can do if you believe an employer is being unfair to you because of your condition:

What Is a Disability?

A disability is a condition that prevents a person from partaking in the normal activities of life. This may include working, caring for oneself, or handling the children. A disability can be psychological, physical, or neurological. Additionally, it may be a condition that affects a person's ability to learn.

What Are Employee's Rights?

People with disabilities have a right to fair consideration for a job. They are also entitled to fair treatment once they get on the job. Furthermore, workers with disabilities may request accommodations that will help them do their jobs better.

What Should You Do if You Feel You're Being Discriminated Against?

You have recourse if you ever feel as though an employer is discriminating against you. You can visit an attorney and let that specialist know what you've been through. He or she will help you to get the justice you deserve. You should not experience ridicule or rejection on your job because of your disability. You should not be excluded from certain job opportunities because of your disability either. Furthermore, you should never be terminated because of your disability for any reason. You can seek legal assistance if you feel that your employer has done so. The situation will be investigated thoroughly, and you will be taken care of based on the findings.

Those are just a few facts about disabilities and how the workplace needs to handle them. Don't hesitate to talk to a legal specialist if you think you've been subjected to discrimination.